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Bath & Biscuits treatments start with a rough cut, bath, blow dry, and then a finish cut. Please do not rush us; this is your fur baby. We will call you when they are ready. There is a reason we take our time with your pet, we do ask you though; when they are ready for pick up you get there as soon as you can. Arrangements can be made to keep your pet longer, at an additional charge.

Dogs are safely contained, quality work takes time, so don’t rush us! We will call you when your dogs are ready. Please be available when your pet is ready for pick up!

Ohio requires all dogs to be leashed and collared, unless in a carrier.

Over 30 years of dog grooming experience!

Call and set up an appointment at 214.312.9934

For the safety of all of our pets (especially puppies) all shots need to be updated. – Thank you


“​Loraine and Ashley are amazing fur baby bathers! The kindness they show and they get down on floor to the dogs level is something you don’t see a lot. It’s hard for a parent to leave their child and not know the treatment they get but some dogs will tell ya in their own way but Loraine would never let anything happen and talks to them all day in their speech. Have followed her and Ashley from other places to their dream shop. And through losing few furbabys along the way. Still So Happy with them! Way to go girls!”

Martha Ruman

“​My girl has been to other places over her 10years of life and I pride myself on only letting the best take care of her. She is very sensitive and many health issues and I couldn’t ask for more than what these girls give her! It’s a great place that offers great service as well as being like extended family for Mckinsey.”

Martha R

“I had a wonderful experience wherein I took my Oscar dog to them for complete grooming and the job done was excellent and I would love to recommend others. They have vet as well with nice treatment procedures.”

Adarsh N.

“​Just had my mother-in-law’s dog groomed here and they did a wonderful job. It was like picking up a new dog when we got there. The attention and care they gave him during his bath and grooming was fantastic. Thank you so much for taking great care of our family member. We would highly recommend you to family and friends.”

Gemma M.

“​My dog looks and smells FANTASTIC! I have a 90 pound Goldendoodle that is next to impossible to take care of at home. I highly recommend Bath and Biscuits. They went above and beyond what any other place has done for him in the 4 years that we have had him!

Lisa F.


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